Textured Ceiling Removal & Repair

Textured Ceiling Removal & Repair

Experts Textured Ceiling Removal & Repair

Removing textured ceilings is oftentimes no simple undertaking. Separating the old texture from the drywall will require patience, experienced maneuvering, and some specific tools. The situation becomes more complicated if the textured ceiling was applied over a layer of paint. In such cases, it may be necessary to remove several coats of paint to access the ceiling, making the project even more challenging and time-consuming. Expert Painters of Richmond Hill not only provide the best-textured ceiling removal and repair Richmond Hill has to offer, but we also do our best to ensure that the process will be as short, safe, and efficient as possible.
Expert Painters of Richmond Hill Textured Ceiling Removal

Ceiling Texturing Removal & Repair

Ceilings are usually textured out of polystyrene beads glued to the drywall. The bead itself doesn’t hold very well, so the additional adhesive is applied between each line of beads. These two steps make up the bulk of the work when removing textured ceiling panels. Additional time will be required for repairing damaged drywall and cutting out electrical fixtures, recessed lighting, and ventilation vents. For more information on these steps and repairing drywall, contact us at Expert Painters of Richmond Hill today!

Textured Ceiling Removal & Repair in Richmond Hill

Textured ceiling removal and repair can be a fairly simple task if your ceilings only have one layer of texture. When multiple layers are present, or other types of adhesives have been added over the years, removal will take longer and may require specialized tools. Some of the most common types of textured ceilings include acoustical and popcorn.

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